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Tips for finding the best flights

5 tips for finding the best flight deals

Guess what?! We are noticing something: the demand for travel is skyrocketing! Here are some tips to ensure you are booking the right flight at the right price.

1. Configure flight alerts

Be sure to sign up for flight alerts with Google Flights, keeping in mind that certain discounted airlines will not appear. Most of the time, cheap flights are only available for a limited period (usually 24 hours), so when you receive an alert of a significant price decrease, jump on it! Once you set up the alerts, you will receive an email each time the price of the flight changes, either up or down. Take it when it comes down!

Google Flights will also let you know if the price you are viewing is typical, higher, or lower than market rates for that particular date and time.

Signing up for each airline's offers and sales can also be helpful! Timing is everything.

We recommend using these search tools to find the best fares, but if possible, book directly with the plane. You will have the most flexibility when booking direct.

2. Points and miles

Airline rewards programs are the number one way avid travelers earn free flights, travel benefits, and hotel stays. From flight upgrades, huge welcome bonuses, free luggage, early boarding, credit for shared rides like Uber and Lyft, exclusive access to the VIP lounge, and much more - redeeming your points can almost always lower the cost of your flight.

SkyMiles = Life !! Some airline credit cards offer quite a lucrative sign-up offer. Right now, the Delta SkyMiles Platinum AMEX card offers 90,000 bonus miles for new cardholders spending $ 3k in the first 90 days. Just to give a reference, 24,000 SkyMiles is usually enough for a round trip ticket from ATL to Cancun. This could mean up to three free flights if booked at the right time. Once you have the card, use it for EVERYTHING and take advantage of special offers on double, triple and sometimes quad miles - SkyMiles never expire. Do your research, several airlines offer cardholder registration deals that are often worth the cost savings.

If you have an airline credit card, you can probably check bags for yourself and your fellow travelers for free - more savings!

3. Be flexible!

Sometimes you have to lean a bit to get a better deal. Perhaps leaving a day earlier or returning home a day later can help save money. Also consider flying midweek or flying from a different airport. In general, Friday and Sunday flights tend to be more expensive. Flying mixed airlines can also help; in this case, look for one-way flights in both directions to get an idea of which segment is driving the price.

For those who only fly nonstop, we know that having a connecting flight is not the most fun when trying to get to your destination, however being flexible with the route you take is another way to get a great flight deal.

Fly Basic Economy Class - You will board last, you may not sit next to your companions and you will be battered and tempered by things, but you will still take off, and better yet, you will land and save money.

4. Don't wait too late!

Airline prices generally increase the closer you get to your departure date, but there is a sweet spot when airlines start lowering fares based on supply and demand - alerts will help you identify the right time if you set alerts well in advance. While last-minute deals seem appealing, if you're traveling to a special event or destination wedding, it's best to book early, as last-minute deals often limit your options.

5. Always look for incognito ticket prices and as individual travelers

Always search for tickets as one person and during the checkout process, you can select your seat to make sure your fellow travelers are all seated together. Even if you can't select seats that are close to each other, that's a fair trade to save money.

Try using a private browser or an incognito window because planes and search engines can increase the price if they find out it's you again, but they're ready to pay this time! :) Have you ever looked for a ride and 5 minutes later the price went up?


Since you are still reading, we have a treat for you. Here are some additional tips, but you didn't hear them from us!

- Some airlines offer a lot of flexibility within their cancellation policies, so book the flight, and if you notice a significant price difference, cancel and get a credit and use the credit to rebook immediately. Or call the airline and ask them to provide you with the lowest fare. Shhh, we didn't say it! ** Read cancellation policies before booking / canceling **

- Remember the 24 hour rule. Book the flight, and cancel within 24 hours for a cash refund, no questions asked. (Flights must be booked more than a week before departure) ** Read cancellation policies before booking / canceling **

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