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Maira gomez

Hello, I'm

Nice to mee you! Let's know each other

Since I was eleven years old I knew that I want to live and work on the beach and as soon as I finished my degree in Tourism I got my dream life, and it was even better than what I have been imagined because I ended being a wedding planner! Since then, after twelve years beeing witness of many lovely couples being married, I feel so grateful to do what I really love for living.


Through time, experience has taught me that each couple, each moment and each story are unique and special, and this is the starting point to design a wedding exclusively for you. My commitment is to materialize every single detail of what you have imagined for this special day. I really, really, enjoy when I see my couples so happy during the wedding day, thats my main motivation, there's a kind of magic when happines is the result of all the details planned.


Thank you so much to my past and future couples for make me part of this special day, for trust in me and for letting me assist you on your wedding day.


My partners in crime for Destination Weddings 


Claudia Solís 

Wedding Planner Partner

Claudia has been planning weddings since 2012 in the Cancun area. She specializes in weddings at private venues as well as on-site all-inclusive resort weddings.

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Samuel Córdova

Wedding Photographer

Samuel is a professional wedding photographer who loves to capture the essence of each moment. He works with the soul, creativity and love, he leaves a part of himself in the photos he captures.

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Shonte Tepper Alce

International Travel Coordinator

Shonté has been passionate about destination weddings and planning international travel for many years! She has planned many weddings and various group events. Shonté is proud to be your Destination Wedding Specialist, International Travel Coordinator.

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Alejandro Monroy


We are dynamic ordained, non denominational Ministers, whom have had the fortune to be called upon. Our professionalism and experience will give you a peace of mind during this very hectic but wonderful time. We have ceremonies which focus on love, friendship, and long life commitment. Full of feeling, and the loving and caring words.

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Soco Jiménez


We offer symbolic ceremonies, which focus on love, friendship, and commitment for those couples who do not want religious ceremonies.

Wants a personally customized wedding ceremony that fits their beliefs.

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