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Reasons to celebrate

your wedding

in the Riviera Maya

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A spectacular setting!

The Riviera Maya is characterized by its crystalline sea in an incredible turquoise blue, its white, fine and soft sand and the heavenly climate, settings that will give a unique stamp to your love story and take spectacular photos!


Stress free!

By not living in the destination, it is necessary to have the help of a Wedding Planner, who knows the place, the best settings and suppliers and will help them design, plan, organize and coordinate the wedding from the beginning to the end, allowing The bride and groom are relaxed enjoying the entire planning process and their guests.

It is a mini vacation!

When celebrating your wedding in the Riviera Maya, all your guests will travel to the destination for at least three days and this causes them to be in a vacation atmosphere, which allows them to get out of the routine and free themselves from stress, and gives them the opportunity to meet again. with the rest of your guests throughout the stay, not just on the wedding day.

Intimate weddings with your closest loved ones!

The number of guests at an average wedding is 200 people if it takes place in the place of residence, however, when carrying out a destination wedding on the beach, it is likely that not everyone will be able to travel for personal or work reasons, which reduces the number of guests almost half, which will result in your family and closest friends being the ones who accompany you in this great celebration.

A similar budget

Although it may seem that beach weddings are more expensive, the reality is that the budget is similar to that of a wedding carried out in your place of residence, since they tend to be very intimate and the guest list is made up of the closest relatives and lifelong friends: the complete opposite of organizing a wedding for 200 or up to 300 people at your place of residence.

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